Viruses, Adware, Trackers Oh My

Those who run windows as their operating systems, have to watch what they do online. With all the hackers out and about spreading infection from one computer to another, this leaves ones system wide open if they so happen to stumble upon nasty computer infections. Not long ago I had to completely clean my computer, and start new. The only way to get the nasty bug from my computer was to erase the hard drive.

I couldn’t access nothing from my start menu, and my computer was so sluggish it made it almost impossible for me to work on it everyday. These viruses are made to look as if they’re your standard windows update, at this time they infect you and most the time your only option is to clear everything and start fresh.

I have found many great programs out there in all the times I have had to do a clean install make it a little bit easier. I remember when we had dial-up, I had a dinosaur computer. I got some nasty bug on it, and when I did a clean install getting all my programs back was very time consuming. That is a lot of the reasons it took me so long to erase the hard drive and start new this time.

Often times I am way to busy to have to wait for everything to reinstall. If you have gotten a bug on your computer, and you’re having a hard time getting it off, I strongly suggest you erase the hard drive ans start clean. Before doing this you want to make sure you back-up all your important files.

I also like to put all my important programs on a disc or an external hard drive, this gives me the ability to reinstall things at a faster speed.

How many of you have had to erase hard drive in order to get a bad virus off your computer?

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