With Weight Loss Comes a New Wardrobe

So I was thinking with me losing weight, I am going to need some new clothes. By the time I have reached my goal weight, I will have lost half of me, and I am pretty sure none of my clothes will fit me! So what does that mean, that means time to go shopping, I came across a pair jeffrey campbell venice which are super cute shoes! These would go awesome with just about anything!

Once I reach my goal, I will be searching for those clothes that make me look hotter than ever! To hear my husband say it, I am hot no matter what I wear, however, it’s a woman thing. With always being bigger, and not having much of a nice wardrobe, I am really looking forward to that goal weight.

I think that is what keeps me motivated is knowing I will have to go shopping, because let’s be honest I cannot run around naked! I think the jeffrey campbell venice shoes would go great paired with a cute pair of shorts, and a nice top. My current clothes right now are very basic. I don’t remember when the last time I thought I looked good.

My wedding picture even makes me want to cry, and I was 30 pounds less at the time.

What are some ways you reward yourself when you accomplish your goals?

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