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A Simple Way To Add A Custom Countdown To Your Website

If you’re like many website owners, you probably hold events, contests or holiday promotions on your website. Even if you don’t run a website, you may share special dates or events with your friends on social media platforms of some kind. This makes countdowns an exciting way to build up anticipation and let your viewers or friends know how long it is before that unique date arrives.

Although there are many ways you can incorporate a countdown into your website or social media, many of these methods may require advanced knowledge of web languages. Countdowns that use languages like Perl, Python or others may not be compatible with your hosting or easily added to your web page. Luckily, there is one way to utilize the benefits of a countdown clock without being a web design expert and is universally compatible with web hosts and modern browsers. now offers a completely configurable and customizable countdown clock that can be used for any special date you choose. By simply entering the exact date and time and pressing the generate button, a code is custom generated into a text area for you. You can then copy and paste the code on any website or page you want.

Since the code is simple Javascript, with just a little basic knowledge of web design you can specify the background color and the look and feel of your site where the code is placed. Of course the countdown clock will automatically use the background color already specified in your page, so no modification is required at all for it to match your page. In addition to this, because it’s written in JavaScript, it will work on any webhost and with virtually any web browser used today. HTML and JavaScript are the most basic and fundamental languages used in website development.

Counting down to your upcoming promotional giveaway or special event is a fun and interactive way to share these dates with your friends or website viewers. You could also use this countdown clock to share birthdays, reunions or wedding dates with your friends and family. An online countdown clock can be used in a variety of circumstances. Now that anyone can generate their own countdown from, even less experienced users can add a splash of interactive fun to their pages.

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