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In a little over a week it will be 5 years since my father in law passed away. When my father in law first found out he had cancer one thing he wanted to do before he passed was go back to his home, where he grew up. He wanted to see the house he grew up in, and his brothers and sisters one last time before he left this earth. With almost all of his family living in upstate New York he wanted me to see if I could find cheap flights to New York.

He knew he couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money, because he didn’t want to leave my mother in law with no money to survive on until she could get his disability.

However, his doctor wouldn’t allow him to leave the state with the condition he was in. When he was first diagnosed it was stage 4 lung cancer. Doctor gave him less than 3 months, so you can see why it was so important for him to go back home to say his final good-byes. Thankfully the cancer cleared up and he went into remission. It was still unsafe for him to travel, so his brother found a flight coming this way. The cheapest he could get was one coming into Nashville which is about 4 hours from where we are. So we went and got him, then when it came time we took him back to Nashville so he could catch his flight back to New York.

Although my father in law wanted so bad to see his family he never had the chance. The cancer came back stronger than ever, and since now it traveled to his brain there was little hope. A few short months after his brother left our beloved poppa passed away. It has never really been the same since. He was the glue that held the family together. I am grateful everyday for having the chance to know him, and my daughter being able to spend a lot of quality time with him before he passed.

If you have family that lives in different states and you haven’t seen them in awhile, make a plan to see them soon. We have no idea when our time will come, and you don’t want to be like my father in law where he went many years without seeing his family. Then when the time came he wasn’t allowed to travel.


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