First Full Week Of School

Monday starts the first full week back to school. Tomorrow we will be heading out to Staples to get a few last minute things. They have a lot of great deals going on! If you’re still needing some items and you have a Staples close by I highly recommend you checking in to see what they might have.

Or Staples will be having the books we need for schooling at b1g1 free! That is an awesome deal, I was going to order the items online when I noticed Staples doesn’t currently except egift cards. This was pretty disappointing until I seen this weeks sales ad.

Have your kids started back to school yet? I know my nieces and nephew don’t start back until the beginning of September. Gillian’s summer break was cut short by 2 weeks because of us doing our schooling in Michigan last year.

I wish Tennessee would change their school year around some.

I have a lot of great things planned this school year. Most of our learning will be hands on, while some will be from the books.

With us doing most our school work on the computer the last few years this year we will be spending a lot less time on the computer. I am going to be having Gillian do a lot more reading and writing. I noticed today although she wasn’t required to, she did some practice on spelling and she was asking what some of the words meant, which was awesome since last year she didn’t really care.

She has also discovered a love for reading which excites me. I want her to pick up a book and read because it’s fun not because I am making her. You will probably see a lot more about schooling now that school is back in session. If you are a home schooler as well I would love to know what sites you use while teaching the kids.

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