Not All Dogs Like Rachel Ray Dog Food

Bones is just like our daughter when a package arrives he is waiting to see what is in it! I often have to make him to site in his chair and wait. I guess since we do review dog products he knows some of those packages are HIS and he has to be nosy. Well recently I signed up for a free sample of Rachel Ray dog food. I wanted to find out if Bones liked it before attempting to purchase any if I were to find it on sale.

Needless to say Bones walked to the dish smelt of it, shook his head and walked away. He refuse to eat the food… both my husband and daughter smelt it, they said it smelt pretty good. However, Bones was not having it. So we had to trick him and mix it in with his other food.

I honestly thought he would love it. I mean come on it was created by RACHEL RAY! She has some delicious recipes, who wouldn’t love her food!

I guess this is a reminder to us to make sure and get samples of dog foods before making those purchases just incase he decides to snub is nose to them. Dog food can be pretty expensive, and I am not wanting to waste money on food Bones refuses to eat. He is picker then the kid!

Have you ever ran across dog food your dog wouldn’t touch?

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