Rant: American Express DO NOT Recommend Them

So this is the SECOND time I have had issues with American Express… As I sit here and type my blood pressure is probably sky high. It seems I only have problems with American Express… Yesterday I purchased $19.50 worth of gas from Kroger… I had a $50 prepaid card so this would have left me $30.50. I go to the store to get ink for my printer swipe the card and it doesn’t work… WTF I have $30.50 why isn’t it working…

I call the number on the back to check the balance… ZERO DOLLARS… I get home I go online to check the history and I see…


So I call up American Express to find out what is going on, why is it showing a transaction of -$50… I am told it is how the pumps are they take the full amount because they don’t know how much you are going to get… I CALL BULL SHIT ON THIS.

I have NEVER had Visa or Mastercard prepaid take the full amount of the gift card… They usually take $1 to make sure the card is active. I was told if I used it in the store it wouldn’t have did this… and that the reason it took the full amount was because it didn’t know how much gas I was going to get… HMMM let’s see I got $19.50 there was $50 on the card so OBVIOUSLY there was enough on the card to pay for my purchase.

So when I asked how long before it was going to be back on my card I was told 2 to 8 days… Are you serious?

The whole time the rep on the phone just kept blaming the pump… American Express take responsibility for your moronic system. I will never purchase a prepaid American Express card, and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone… If I happen to win one, I will swipe it to my paypal, then I will use the card to scrape poop off my shoe if I so happen to step in any.

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