Six Weeks to OMG Review

The say to never judge a book by its cover, and after receiving¬† SIX WEEKS TO OMG I have to say you should never judge a book by its cover. When I first got the email asking if I was interested in reviewing this book I laughed… Why? This is what hit me once I was reading the email…

  • o Skipping breakfast can be healthy
  • o Cold baths can give you a hot body
  • o Black coffee helps speed weight loss
  • o Small, frequent meals can pack on the pounds
  • o Broccoli carbs can be worse than soda carbs

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We all know breakfast is one of the most important meal, it helps one get their day off to a good start. A child cannot go to school and focus on school work with their tummy growling. I also have a hard time focusing when I don’t eat something small, and it doesn’t surprise me that black coffee can help speed up weight loss, but broccoli carbs being worse than soda carbs? I am still not buying that one; HOWEVER, I sat down and I started to read this book, I haven’t finished it yet, I am absorbing all the information, remember I said knowledge is power.

I do see how the different methods that Venice addresses in this book would work, such as the cold showers. I am not sure if I will personally be using his methods, BUT knowledge is power and as I was reading the book I learned a lot. I learned some of the things companies don’t want us to know.

With weight loss becoming a very important part of my life, I have been absorbing everything. I have also been reviewing several weight loss books and products. One can never have enough knowledge, even if the book doesn’t work for me, I walk away learning something knew.

One thing I did learn from Six Weeks to OMG low-fat and no fat are not the best route to take. With my family completely changing what we eat, we did switch to low fat products, it wasn’t until I read this book that I realized companies selling low fat products are only trying to make the money from you… I would have never guessed low-fat and no fat products could actually be worse for you.

Another thing Venice A. Fulton said that had me shaking my head yes, was that if you have ever been on a diet and failed, it wasn’t you failing it was the diet that failed you. This is true on several different levels. I have tried so many diets, only to gain the weight plus back. Not a very good place to be, depression and obesity doesn’t go hand in hand. It wasn’t until recently, that I started learning what a lot of people don’t want you to know.

If you are wanting more information to help you successfully lose weight, I would recommend this book. It’s loaded with information and written in a way to make you understand it.

I received product for review purposes only, this is only my opinion and others will vary.


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