Things to Think About When Renting a Storage Unit

Have you ever watched the hit show Storage Wars? Sometimes those units the people purchase look too good to be true. How is someone going to have expensive items in a storage unit, and not pay the bill? This past year my husband and I had to get a storage unit for a few months until we were able to get a truck to get our belongings back south.

As we were packing the unit, my sister noticed how I was packing some of the more expensive items. Some of the more expensive items I was placing in between the mattress, under the dresser, and even inside the chair. When it comes to having my things many miles from me, I wanted to be certain if someone was to break into my unit, they were not seeing the valuable items. She mentioned that while I was doing that all she could think of was Storage Wars.

I honestly had a hard time believing those items believe the show was legit. How is someone going to rent a storage unit, have those expensive items in there, and then not pay the bill. With having to have a storage unit, I can see now how one could not have the money to make their monthly payment.

However, if I had expensive things in my unit as we did, I would have found a way to pay the unit, even if I had to sell some of the things inside.

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to rent a storage unit one thing to think about before making the purchase, is how big of a unit you may need. If a storage unit is packed properly you will be amazed with how much you can actually fit inside of the unit. With us having limited funds at the time, we purchased the smallest unit we could get, and managed to get all our things into the unit.  This assured me that I would have the money when the bill was due to be paid. You also want to make sure the valuable items are well hidden.

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