Alternatives to Watering the Garden

I think a lot of the reasons my garden dies is because of the heat! Tennessee heat is unbearable at times and you just want to stay inside, this leads to a dead garden. With the rise in food prices next year I really want to do a garden, so I have been thinking about maybe having lawn sprinkler systems installed. I can have it on a timer so it comes on at different parts of the day. I also want to line it so I don’t have to worry about weeds.

I tried the whole weeding/watering system. It don’t work so well!!!

Garden veggies are so much better than the ones you purchases in the stores, and if I can make a big enough garden, I can see about canning some pickles, tomatoes, and even making some spaghetti sauce! With my family eating healthier this would be perfect, because I truly would know what all went into the product. Spaghetti is one of our favorite meals!

I am dead serious about a garden next year and my husband knows this, I want a BIG one to we can plant several items. So I have been looking at some irrigation supplies from With being home schoolers I also think this would be great for my daughter. So she can see first hand all the stages it takes to plant, grow and processes. One thing public school students lack in many areas is that hands on experience. I am so grateful we have that opportunity to teach our daughter things using the hands on method.

Have you thought about doing a garden next year? If so have you thought about possibly getting some sort of irrigation system going? With all the heat and lack of rain this might be the best bet to keep those smaller gardens a live.


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  1. A good drip system will help a great deal in your garden. It will free you of having to constantly water, and it will save on water, but give your garden exactly what you need.

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