Bloggers Proceed With Caution

I like many in the blogging world fall on both sides of the fence. I not only do reviews and giveaways, I also enter giveaways. So I know the work that goes into doing both. There are two things that piss me off more than anything in this little blogger/giveaway world. One the PR company ignoring emails, and winners being left to wonder what happened to their win, and bloggers being rude and simply ignoring emails.

What bloggers fail to realize is if they didn’t have giveaways they probably wouldn’t have much traffic, and all it takes is a simple email to the winner to let them know you are doing your best to find out what is going on. Most the time the winner will understand. However, if the winners emails get ignored, the winner might feel as though the blogger is also trying to screw them. I understand many bloggers are busy, but it only takes a few seconds to hit reply and send a note back.

Sad to say but I currently have many bloggers ignoring my emails, and I wish they would just respond so I know what is going on. It is getting to the point I will be marking them off as scam bloggers and moving on from their blogs.

However, back to the topic at hand. Bloggers proceed with caution if you ever work with, back in July I won a giveaway over at Saving More Than Me, and as of right now I am still waiting on product. Kimberly has been pretty awesome at keeping the communication between her and I open, so I know she has at least made attempts to contact the PR and the company directly. I will make sure in the future I stay away from and their products.

It is sad when a company gets a blogger to promote them, and they don’t follow through. With being a blogger that is a slap in the face, and companies that do these such things should be ashamed of themselves.


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