Dead Wrong – by Richard Belzer and David Wayne – Book Review

Dead Wrong sheds light on some of the most infamous deaths of political figures and celebrities throughout time. While conspiracy theories regarding the death of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King Jr. have existed for some time, Dead Wrong gives readers an in-depth look at starting evidence in regard to these famous deaths.

The book examines the actual toxicology findings of Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy and shows many facts that were excluded from the official findings. Interestingly, Monroe allegedly died due to oral ingestion of drugs that lead to an overdose. Dead Wrong gives readers medical facts that show she couldn’t have possibly died as reported.

This controversial title also examines the assassinations of Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. and President John F. Kennedy. The book thoroughly examines all the facts and clearly proves that there are more to the deaths of these public figures. Dead Wrong also features an afterword by Jesse Ventura, the most famous conspiracy theorist of our time. The truthful words and conviction of Mr. Ventura are well respected among many political officials and private citizens alike.

If you’re looking for an intriguing and controversial read that gives real insight into these events, then Dead Wrong by Richard Belzer and David Wayne is a top choice. Even those who don’t follow conspiracy theories such as myself, can clearly see that there was much more to the deaths of these people than that which was released to the public.

Pick up Dead Wrong for a really interesting and in-depth look at the most popular conspiracy theories regarding the deaths of the Kennedys, Martin Luther King and Marilyn Monroe. You may just find the facts to be too overwhelming to ignore. You can purchase Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups on Amazon for $16.79.

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