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I will not lie, I have found myself becoming distracted by the phone. Sometimes when those text messages come in we cannot help ourselves, and we grab the phone to glance at who it is. Often times I will have my daughter send a quick message back telling the messenger I am driving and will get back with them.

Thanks to Verizon I can let me phone do that now. Verizon Wireless has just launched a neat app that will let me customize it to respond to others when I am driving. This allows one to keep full attention to the road instead of their wireless device. Many times we hear of accidents being caused by one glancing at their phone. You may think it only takes a second to glance, but guess what it also only takes a second for something unexpected to happen and you find yourself bumper to bumper with another car, or even off the road.

The Safely Go safe driving app is a must have for those who have smartphones and tend to get unfocused when they hear that little ding, chirp, or their ringtone perk up.

Verizon Safely Go App

Setting up the app seemed to be pretty simple as you can see from the below image there are several different things you can do to customize it for you.

settings on safely goOne of my favorites is customizing the message the app sends to those trying to contact you.

safely go auto text

With this app there is no more excuses to be glancing at your phone for any reason. If you must be in touch with certain people while driving you can put up to three contacts in and it will allow them to call you and you to call them. ONLY use this if needed to many accidents are related to those on cellphones or distracted by something else.

Be a safe driver and a safe smartphone owner by getting the app today. This app may just save your life one day!

Check out this blog post by Verizon Wireless PR guru David Samberg, for more information. We are sure your readers will be very interested in the Safely Go app.

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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