Fire Department Not Bright

As I sit here doing my normal days work, blog related things, entering giveaways, chatting on facebook, while I wait for my family to wake. I listen to the scanner, so far it has came across that both the elementary school, and the high school has had fire alarms going off…

Shortly after another person comes across after the trucks have left the station, that they can disregard because these were planned drills. I am so glad they have got everyone in on the loop.

What makes this all even funnier, is the fire chief is actually at the school talking to the students today! Come on Munford fire department lets get things right… the guys I left the firehouse twice for planned fire drills. While I am glad they were prepared, I think they all need to get on the same page, so this doesn’t happen again.Especially with the fire chief already at the school!!!

Things that make you go hmm.

I can see one mess up, but two in the same day. Maybe they will get it right the next time, one guy came across advising all schools are doing the drill today. Maybe he should have told them this morning, so they could have been prepared.



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  1. Jill A. Collins says:

    I am currently an EMT on our local fire department and my husband is a retired Captain from the same paid personnel department. Every year we do programs for the local school. Central dispatch is responsible for toning out all alarms and must send out a tone when a fire alarm goes off. It is actually the school’s responsibilty to notify dispatch ahead of time about their drills in our community. While we go there to help educate, we are not responsible for running the drills. That is up to the school staff to coordinate, though we will oversee and help if asked. Sounds to me like the school principals needed the drill as much as the students! :-)

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