Good-Bye GPS Hello HTC DROID Incredible

The other day my husband and I were talking about how far technology has come. With all the things smartphones can do, they pretty much eliminate the need for things such as …

free watch imagefree alarm clock imagemp3 player
gps imagescamera image
You get the point right?

The HTC DROID Incredible takes the place of all those gadgets I once had, PLUS more.

The other day I was talking to Jen from over at Mommy’s Hangout, she was talking about getting the new iphone 5. I was telling her I couldn’t ever see myself paying so much money for a cell phone. I guess it has to do with the fact, we never had that kind of money to just spend. All our money is wrapped up into bills and other household needs. Not much room for those wants.

However, after sitting here doing this post I have to take back what I told her. Let’s be honest with the need to eliminate all those other devices the smartphones really don’t cost as much as their price tag show.

Break down of devices the HTC DROID Incredible takes the place of:

(my devices)

GPS – $180

mp3 player – $100

Alarm Clock – $40

Cookbooks – I have hundreds of dollars of these

Camera – $150

Point being although it is a large amount of money to pay up front, in the long run it is a lot cheaper then purchasing all those other items at different times. Sure the other items may seem like they cost less, but after purchasing everything a smartphone takes the place of those smaller items cost a lot more!

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