Guide to Having Successful Foam Parties

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Among teenagers and small children, foam parties have become all the rage. Those attending have an opportunity to completely submerge themselves in a sudsy foam filled with bubbles. This makes for a fun environment to socialize while having a great time. The main requirement is the use of a machine that can create a soapy foam to fill the room, usually about waist deep or so. Although this creates a big mess, it’s a very different concept which most kids and teens enjoy.

Essentially, the foam solution is a combination of water and soap mixed together. Although the foam is very light, it is also wet and slippery. Therefore, it’s important to have a location for your party that doesn’t have items that might be damaged by moisture. If holding a home party, usually the best solution is holding the event in a basement. However, during summer months, many people will have foam parties outside by setting up fences to hold the mixture in.

If you will be attending a foam party, keep in mind that everything you wear, plus yourself, will ultimately be covered in a sticky film of soap. Therefore, this isn’t the type of party for wearing formal clothing or any clothes you might not want to get damaged. Instead, it’s highly suggested to bring appropriate attire such as shorts or other casual wear. Depending on the climate, swimwear is also a good option.

If you are hosting a party on your property, removing the soap afterward often is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. When the party has finished, the foam dissipates leaving a slick, soapy coating to deal with. To properly clean the floor, the best course of action is using a hose with a high-pressure attachment. Your cleaning effort will initially result in even more foam build-up. For this reason, some clubs hosting foam parties will first cover the flooring with a plastic tarp.

When you consider that foam is basically soap, there’s always a likelihood of people sliding and slipping around. Therefore, always be conscious of others and careful when dancing. Parties that offer music and food should have these areas far away from any foam. The mixture can damage electronic equipment because it contains water. Also, food might not taste very good with a soap coating on it.

Manufacturing the foam is probably the easiest part of the process. It’s simply a matter of adding soap to the machine and turning it on. Most people who host foam parties will have several machines running continuously throughout the event. This is to ensure foam is distributed around the room evenly. Although machines can be purchased, the majority of users will either rent them out or utilize an outside service specializing in running these type events.


  1. I had no idea that such a thing existed. It sounds really fun to attend, but a pain to host!

  2. I have never heard about foam parties. What will they think of next? It sounds fun.

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