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Over the past few months I have been thinking about writing this post. You maybe wondering what I am talking about, so let me explain. I am sure many of you enter giveaways. You will notice a lot of the giveaways you have a good chance at winning because many bloggers host the same giveaway. However, this is where the problem comes in… the PR firms are not making sure they can fulfill all the giveaways they’re offering the bloggers to host.

I have won many giveaways, there are three that I speak of at this moment. Three which were prize packs for movies… Avengers, Ice Age and now ParaNorman. With all three I didn’t get everything that was advertised as the prize pack. I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE BLOGGERS FAULT, and I am not putting blame on them!

When you win a giveaway you become super excited, giveaways help my family out a ton. So when a prize states I am getting one thing, and when I get it and not all of the items are there I get a bit bummed. I am still very appreciative of the win don’t get me wrong, but bummed because some items I was more excited about never showed up. I know how people think, and if you are sitting there saying stop bitching you got the item for free anyways. Let me explain, I didn’t get the item for free. It is true I didn’t pay for the product, HOWEVER I did pay with my time, time isn’t cheap.

So this post is to all those PR companies that are sponsoring those gift packs I speak of… STOP OVER BOOKING THE GIVEAWAYS TO GET MORE EXPOSURE TO THE MOVIE! Make sure there is enough of each item to fulfill the prize, or make sure bloggers know to make it CLEAR the prize maybe different from what is shown.

Those entering giveaways put a lot of work into it, I know it takes me over 8 hours to enter giveaways daily… So before going overboard with booking giveaways MAKE SURE you have enough of the product to assure all those who win get what is stated.

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  1. Georgiana O. says:

    I have won items and never received them at all. It is a shame considering the amount of time it takes to enter the giveaways. I totally agree with you.

  2. I won Snow White and The Huntman prize pack. The shirt wasn’t even in the same style as the pictured on plus I didn’t get everything in the picture and I saw other giveaways for this movie that had a few different items in it. The shirt is too big but it make a great nightshirt though.

    Like the previous poster there are some items that I won and never received them. It does take a lot of time to enter them. Don’t get me started on some of the hoops you have to jump to enter some of them.

    But all and all it’s been a pretty positive experience and I found new products and shops to love.

    • Now I know if I win that giveaway I can not expect to receive everything. It just bugs me because not only is entering a lot of work, so is reviewing/posting/advertising. I just wish they would make it clear that the image is only a stock image and items may change. Lack of communication is so blah. And all those hoops I agree a bit much. I try to keep only one mandatory and the others optional .

  3. I enter giveaways all the time winning some of them, but only get 85% of the items I have won. I get all excited, telling my hubby, ‘I won so and so, now let’s hope it comes.’

    I won one of those $400 Lumina AT&T phones two weeks ago, and hope I get it. Every toy, or giftish item I win, I save it for birthday’s or christmas.

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