Preventing Ingrown Hairs To Keep Shaving Comfortably

Daily shaving takes quite the toll on your skin. If preventing razor burn and dry skin were not enough, there are even more issues that can affect your shaving experience as well. Acne, bumpy skin and in-grown hairs can all make shaving more challenging. In addition to having to address the conditions, you also have to take extra care during shaving to ensure you don’t cut yourself. Although every shaver is at risk for an occasional razor knick, an in-grown hair or pimple can increase this risk tremendously.

It’s easy to shave smoothly on a level playing field, but if you experience in-grown hairs, acne or other skin issues, then the chances of cutting these areas during shaving are quite high. Even if you have the best shaving products available, the only way to keep your shaving as comfortable as possible is to treat and prevent those in-grown hairs from returning.

The direct cause of an in-grown hair is when the hair grows sideways into the skin. This can be caused by several circumstances, but is often caused my improper shaving. Treating existing instances can be done easily by using facial care products that offer deep cleansing and exfoliation. Prevention practices should include proper shaving techniques such as going against the grain smoothly for an even shave over the entire surface.

Practicing these simple things can help get rid of existing in-grown hairs and prevent recurring ones. In the pursuit of the most comfortable shave, in-grown hairs can make razor bumps and cuts a lot worse. With proper shaving techniques and deep cleansing your skin, you can keep your shaving routine clean and comfortable day after day.

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