Question of the Week: Why Double Spammer Whammy?

Sarah L says:

September 30, 2012 at 2:28 am

I like the idea of wine in a box.

(why do you have the double spammer whammy? – Isn’t just the check box enough?)

I work rather hard on my sites, and when I get a comment like this from someone entering a giveaway I take time to post it bugs me… I honestly didn’t think it was much to ask in having one mark a box and answer  a math question. For those out there that blog, and enter giveaways you know where I come from with the “double spammer whammy”. I work to hard on my site to have a password guessing bot come a long and guess my password.

While I take extra measures to assure that doesn’t happen, I have been online long enough to know NOTHING is hack proof. At one time I only had the check box for those to check to state they were human when posting comments; however, this didn’t stop the bots from trying to login to my blog. If they made access ALL of you that visit would be at risk. The reason for those to hack a site is to embed a virus. Which would mean when you come to enter my giveaways you would be infected… your computer would then turn into a nice little play ground for those unwanted hackers. Do you want that?

I know I wouldn’t so… in order to keep the password guessing bots at bay, I included the math problem protection. This also makes those trying to login have to answer a math question. Do you think everytime I login to blog I like answering a math question? Nope I don’t but I know this is the steps that are needed to give myself better protection.

I work to hard on the site to have it get jacked by a dumbass…and I personally don’t think it is too much to ask for those wanting to enter the giveaways to answer a simple math question on top of checking a box. I also enter giveaways and trust me those two things are nothing compared to some hoops you have to jump through on other sites to enter into a giveaway… shall I make a “go to this page to get the secret word” for mandatory… then once you are there make you go to yet another page to get the secret word for that day? Ugh.

I try to make entering as simple as possible, for those that have an issue with the “double spammer whammy” don’t have to enter the giveaways here on The Neat Things in Life. I do not force anyone to enter, and I try to make it as simple as possible… If anyone else has an issue please feel free to contact me and if I have enough readers who wish the double spammer whammy to disappear I will see about converting over to capitcha. I know how much everyone loves those blended together letters, that make one unable to think straight.

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  1. The way I see it is its your blog and you can do what you want lol! Don’t worry about what others say.. However the only reason I comment on your blog is because your the bestie and I love u! All other blogs that have this and other things in place I skip over. I’ve seen a lot of people say the same thing. And please don’t add capitcha! I hate that shit with a passion I refuse to comment on any site that has that anymore. It use to take me 5 times just to get it right.. After that I’m like forget this lol and just leave.

    • I had just the check box on comments but seen the math one which was also for login, so I got it… You know the trouble it would be if a hacker got in the site. Yea, and I am not going to clean up the mess… so they both stay. I hate capitcha too… I would rather count on my fingers to get the math question right. LOL

  2. Karen Medlin says:

    PLEASE, don’t add that capitcha, I don’t have a problem with the math, maybe she didn’t pass 1st grade math, its not like they have to do it to every extra entry.

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