General Hospital Fans Say GoodBye To Steve Burton

I have been watching General Hospital for years. I started watching when I was about 10 with my mom, now my daughter watches them with me. We have seen many characters come and go, and we have even seen two of our favorites canceled. When I heard of the news that Steve Burton was leaving General Hospital I was devastated.

Steve Burton plays the role of Jason Morgan. While Jason is supposed to be Sonny’s right hand man, there is something about him that makes all of us girls giddy. Whether it’s his serious face, the black shirt, or just the fact that he is so caring and loyal to those close to him. While it will suck after the 22nd of October when Steve Burton will no longer be seen on General Hospital it will suck more if they bring someone in to fill play Jason Morgan.

No other man out there can fill the role Steve did on the show for the past 21 years.

I know in my heart Steve did what he had to do for his family. He had been on the show 21 years, and with there not being a for sure future for General Hospital it was time he moved on. His wife and children need him more than us fans do and it is time he play the daddy role, and take a nice long needed break.

There has been rumors that Steve Burton and James Franco have something in the works, I hope so because I love them both!

So what are your takes on Steve Burton leaving the show?

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  1. I will really miss him. A fantastic actor.
    My favourite show.

  2. NANCY Whalen says:

    I am going to miss Steve Burton real bad that I had a lump in my throat. I watch General Hospital when it first started Jason was such a great actor I will dearly miss him he made General Hospital a hit and Jason Morgan was a hunk.

    I hope you come back in the future. 8 + 6 is 14

    • In almost every episode he has been in since I heard the news of him leaving I have had a hard time holding myself together. He is going to be missed dearly. I hope one day he returns, but I understand why he left.

  3. Steve will be missed on the show because his role as Jason Morgan is outstanding. The ladies love to see him in those jeans with that tight black shirt. And he has a pretty smile what is Carly, Liz and Sam going to do? It would be nice if Jason returns in the future everyone else from the past is.
    Good luck!

    • GH will not be the same, I have been a fan of GH since I was about 10ish. My mom and I would watch all ABC soaps together, now my daughter and I. Now that it is down to only GH and Jason is probably forever gone… I am not sure I can watch any longer. The old AJ is supposed to be coming back as someone else… I can see them putting Jason in the hospital to recover from the gun shot then coming back as the old AJ. While they’re related in real life and have some resemblance it will not be the same. I do understand though Steven wanted and needed a break, and wanted to be able to raise his family here in TN. I have heard him and James Franco have something possibly in the works, and if so I will be a new fan of theirs!

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