Photo Calendars Make Great Christmas Gifts

Wow only 56 days until Christmas! We are now less than 2 months away, and most everyone is in full swing with all the Christmas shopping. I know as soon as we eat Thanksgiving dinner, our tree is going up. This year I am super excited about Christmas, we don’t have much money but it is about being with family.

When it comes to gift giving I like to get the extended family photo calendars. Photo calendars are those products that are not only needed they’re also memorable. With being 800 miles from my family getting a calendar with images of my life here in Tennessee, brings smiles to their faces.

I tend to keep things neat and tidy when designing the calendars, I also include them in it. For instance, for my sister I will do a basic one with my daughter, then for the months of her children’s birthdays, I will include photos of them. On their birthday, I will add a small image of them.

This not only allows her to enjoy photos of my daughter, but also photos of her own children.

I will also be doing one for my mom this year, and I will make sure it has photos of not only her grandchildren but also her children.

Have you ever thought about getting photo gifts for the loved ones this Christmas?

I have a photo mug coming for my husband, it has three photos on it. One of our dog, one of our daughter and I, and one of just me. I had it say “My Heart, My Love, My Soul”. I know my husband will love it, even though he rarely drinks coffee, with colder weather approaching I know he will start soon.

I also have plans to get the calendars ordered. With only 56 days until the day, I better get a move on it!


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