Pinterest with the HTC Droid Incredible

When pinterest first came out I heard do much talk about it, but I never got into it. I used it as a way to earn extras into giveaways, but nothing else really. I found it to time consuming to browse a site when I could be doing other things. However, when I got the HTC Droid Incredible one of the first apps I put on it was the pinterest app. I would lay in bed and just browse pinterest.

I have to say now I am beyond addicted. I lay in bed for hours before finally falling asleep. With trying to lose weight, I have found so many awesome recipes, and new ways of doing things.

They say laughing is also great for those trying to lose weight, want a good laugh hit up their humor section! I have laughed for hours looking at some of those images.

Also with being home schoolers I have found so many different craft projects that are calling out our name. Pinterest is my goto for almost everything. Recently, we had a Unjunk ice cream party and used the Get Unreal candies (post to come) well you cannot have ice cream without chocolate syrup. I went to pick up a bottle when I was at the store getting the other goodies for the party. Well I decided to look on the back, and what did I see high fructose corn syrup!

The main reason for the unjunking party was to remove that and other unneeded ingredients from our sweet treats. I remembered I seen a recipe on pinterest to make your own chocolate syrup, so I grabbed up my phone while in the store and hit up pinterest. Sure enough I found the recipe I was talking about.


Very simple recipe so off I went to get the ingredients. Within about 5 minutes I had chocolate syrup! Let is chill in fridge and I was ready to pour on the ice cream.

The HTC Droid Incredible has opened my eyes to pinterest and all that it has to bring. Before having a smartphone my life was pretty blah, now if I am in the store and I want to try something new I don’t have to try and remember what the recipe called for, I can actually bring it up on the phone.

I don’t know how many times I would attempt to remember what was all in a recipe and come home forgetting half of what I needed. No more forgetting, no more wasted trips, and healthier, yummier foods!

Do you change recipes up some to make them healthier? What is your main reason for using pinterest?

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