Ugh @ Appointments

I dislike going to the doctor, it seems like more time is spent in the waiting room. So when my daughter has these appointments I dread them. Today we had a dentist appointment, the last one went about the same as this one, we show up we sit, we wait, some other people come in after us, they get called back while we wait longer, then others come in and they get called back… Finally 30 minutes after my daughters appoint she gets called back… and I am left to sit in the waiting room for about 40 minutes. UGH…

Today went a bit different we got there people went in front of us but when she got called back she was only back there for about 15 minutes. Woot! She comes out all excited telling me she didn’t need to be numbed and they told her the reason being, was because she was a good patient. She said they said they wished all their patients was as good as her. LOL

She was pretty excited. Thank goodness all appointments for the dentist are DONE until February, and no doctors appointments for her either woohoo…

What are some things you dislike about going to the doctors?


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  1. lol. You don’t go back there with her? and wow @ just 15 minutes! That’s super fast it takes ours 30-45 mins each time we go. I take all the kids at the same time. I usually have 2 in the chair at the same time haha!

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