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Growing up I always had a love for reading. Whether it be silly poems, or long chapter books. Reading allowed me to escape the outside world. Being able to escape let me release my body of the stresses I had at that given time. Now that I am older I still enjoy reading, I wish I had more time to grab a book and just drown myself in the make believe worlds. Are you a reader? What are some things you love about reading?

I love reading because:

It’s Relaxing

Reading relaxes my mind, it allows me to forget about everything that is going on around me at the time. It is great for when one needs a mental break from the world. I can lay in bed for hours and drowned out everything around me while relaxing.

It Sparks My Imagination

While reading I put myself into the book, if the story is on a island, I to am on that same island. I see and feel the same as the ones in the story. Often times it’s as if I am really there. Reading allows one to have an imagination.

It’s Fun

I know many people who think reading is boring; however, reading can be very fun. Sure some stories can be boring, but finding the right story to read is the key to fun reading. I am currently reading a series and I don’t want to put the book down at times.

It’s Suspenseful

I am one for a good suspense story, I love wondering and trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Reading is like one of my highs in life. It is the not knowing that keeps me picking up the book.

Kills Boredom

With it being my escape from reality, it also is my escape for boredom!

Allows Me To Travel

Reading allows me to travel virtually and see things from the eyes of the ones in the stories. Have you ever wanted to travel the world, but money is always standing in your way? You can see the world through the eyes of the writers and characters. This also allows for your imagination to sore. It is also another reason how it allows me to escape reality. I put myself in the same places. It is never to late to find a love for reading.

Improves My Vocabulary

Everything we do in the world revolves around words, the more words you know the better. Reading allows one to improve their vocabulary by a great deal. While reading if I run across a word I never seen I look it up to see what it means.

Teaches Me

Reading teaching me new things. Not all stories are fictional, there are so many great resources out there, that teach about other cultures and traditions. I love seeing how other parts of the world do things differently from how we do them. Or why they celebrate certain holidays. You can learn so much from reading as long as you open your mind and absorb what you are reading.

Passes Time

When waiting at the doctors having a good book can make the wait in the waiting room be as if there was none. I tend to carry books on my phone so that I have something to do to pass the time.


One of my favorite things about reading is the bonding time. I love reading with my daughter when she was younger and now. Reading with a child shows them they to can find the love for reading, and it brings a child and parent closer. Children often look forward to that moment when mommy or daddy sits down to read with them. With my daughter we tend to take turns, with her seeing I have a passion for reading I hope as she grows older she too will have the same passion.

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