Bleeding Eye

With having anxiety I have a habit of sleeping with my glasses on. I have very bad eye site and cannot see far without my glasses, so sleeping in them makes me feel a bit more secure. I will be able to see if something was to happen. Well recently, I had been sleeping with my glasses off. BIG MISTAKE.

Saturday I was laying in bed reading the news on my phone when I was getting really sleepy. However, when I get tired I have a hard time sleeping, so I went to rub my eye and I scratched it I am assuming.

Sunday I was sitting on the couch when my husband looked at me and freaked out… His response was “OMFG” and he slowly removes my glasses, I am freaking out because I have no clue what is going on… he then asks what I did to my eye. I asked him what he was talking about, so he directed me to go look in the mirror.

This is what I seen…

bleeding eye

I took to looking up online to see if this was dangerous. I was reading a lot of things, one thing mentioned going to the ER because bleeding in your eye is not a good thing. My husband asked what I was going to do, well it was like 1am, I am going to go to sleep. I told him if it was worse in the morning I would make an appointment to the doctor.

Monday morning I woke up to this…

more bleeding eyeThe blood is more down and behind my eye as well. Hard to get a good picture. So I called the doctor and she got me right in, when I went in she was a bit worried. They gave me a tetanus shot, she explained that scratching your eye is about the same as stepping on a nail.

She then put some orange stuff in my eye and looked at it with the blue light to see if she could see the scratch. She thought she did but wasn’t sure, so she got the head doctor to come in and look. She said she seen a small scratch. I was put on antibiotic eye drops, and told if it gets worse and my vision starts to blur to get into the ER immediately.

Basically if the blood gets behind the iris, I am in trouble and will probably need surgery. I am hoping with the eye drops I will be fine, and with the tetanus shot I will not get an infection.

So please bare with me this week, while I slowly get posts up!

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