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With the holidays coming a long everyone is searching for those perfect gifts. I like to give out personalized gifts, I personally think it means more to the one on the receiving end. This year I am thinking about getting gifts that are embroidered. Embroidery not only is nicer looking on fabric, it also last longer.

I had a friend who had a new child not long ago, and I am thinking on getting the babies initials and birthday embroidered on the blanket. This would not only be a useful gift, but a keepsake, that the child can keep when she gets older. Logo embroidery is another fun idea for those personalized gifts.

For those school aged kids getting them gym shorts with their school logo make great back to school gifts. If you are not sure where you would go to find such service, a quick search on your favorite search engine will help you locate embroidery services in your area.

You will find that getting your items embroidered is the better route to go. It has a clean look that will last forever.

So when you are looking for those perfect gifts this holiday season, keep in mind getting those personalized gifts for your loved ones.



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  1. Embroidery gifts are a great gift to give. i might even make some with my Brother embroidery and sewing machine:) Thanks for the great idea!!


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