Organizing Those Wires

One thing I dislike about my office, is everything I have to have hooked up. I have the phone, the magic jack, the printer, my laptop and a light. This calls for many cords. My husband often gets a bit annoyed with my lack of organization skills. The next time I re-organize my desk I will be checking into getting a wire organizer.

This way I won’t be annoying my husband no more, and I can have everything simple and neat. On top of having a way to organize the wires, I also want a way to have them labeled so I know what cord goes to what product.

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 is to stay better organized. With working from home it’s important I have some sort of order. My desk often looks as if a tornado has hit it, my husband will attempt to clean it up for me, and all he does is misplace my paper work. I love my husband to death, BUT although my desk maybe unorganized to him, everything is right where I want it.

How does your desk look? Do you have a place for everything or is it set up like mine, where I lay it, is where it stays until I need it.


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  1. Karen Medlin says:

    I have a messy desk, these cableslaps are nice.. I use those plastic ties that you tighten up and everytime I need to undo one,. gotta find the scissors and cut it and put another one on.. the cableslaps are so much easier to use… thanks for the review

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