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I started smoking when I was 19 years old, I was going through a lot of stress one day, and grabbed one and never put it down. While I quit smoking a few different times stress always got the better of me, and I would start again. When I was pregnant for my daughter I quit, started back after I had her, I quit for good December 14th of 2008.

My husband well, he is a different story, he started smoking when he was only 13 years old and has no desire to quit. I know what smoking can do to him in 2007 we lost his dad to lung cancer, and now my grandfather only has a few weeks left due to lung cancer getting him as well.

When I was contacted by White Cloud Cigarettes to see if I would be interested in a review I jumped at the chance, not for me but for my husband. I would love for him to cut back on smoking regular cigarettes, not only for his health but also because it makes everything stink!

white cloud e-cigaretteWe received the above kit, with several other different flavors for my husband to try. I have to say I loved smelling the vapors rather than the smoke from a cigarette. It made riding in the car with him a lot easier on my nose. I do took a small drag on it. With having tried other e-cigs this one you could actually taste the flavors.

White Cloud Cigarettes, has several different flavors and strengths as well as several different kits. If you want a disposable e-cig instead they also have them. One thing I like is all the different flavors they have, and I think they are extremely reasonably priced.

These cigarettes have a very smooth inhale so you don’t need to take a big drag, doing so will land you with a headache. If you know someone who is looking to stop smoking or to cut back this Christmas look into getting them a White Cloud Electronic Cigarette!


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