Flameless Candles

I have always loved candles, from their romantic glow they give off, to their many different scents they come in. However, I have also been known to leave the home and leave one burning. This is one of those cons when it comes to wax candles. While they’re glow is beautiful, their fragrance can be breath taking, that one split second you forget you have one burning can cost one everything.

Did you know you can get flameless candles with timer, that will give you that same beautiful glow and will also bring you a since of security?

With these candles you can be assured they will not tip over and cause a fire if you were to leave the home and forget you had them going, and to save battery life you can set the timer so they’re ready to go off within the time frame you choose. Whether you want to have the candles glowing for 4 hours or even 8 hours.

Flameless candles are a big hit for those events such as, weddings, Church, or even funereals.

While there’s pros and cons to both types of candles, I think it all comes down to preference.

Some of the cons for me when it comes to waxed candles is the fact I do often forget they’re burning, and I have left the home before while they were still going. Thankfully I remembered before I got far and I was able to come back to secure the candle. If I would have had a flameless candle I wouldn’t have had to hurry to get home.

Flameless candles also work better when there’s a power outage. I am one that needs some sort of light to sleep, when the power goes out, it’s leaving a flashlight on all night. With flameless candles, I can set them for 4 hours go to bed, and wake up at daylight not having to worry about dead batteries in a flashlight.

Not only are flameless candles safer during power outages they’re also more convenient.

I would love to hear about which types of candles you prefer flameless candles or candles with a flame?


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  1. Karen Medlin says:

    I like the flameless, much safer for the kids

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