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How many of you like to hike? My family is pretty big on hiking. When we were in Michigan we would hike about 6 miles daily. Not only was this good exercise it was refreshing. Recently, I was introduced to a product that is a must have in all backpacks of those who enjoy the outdoors and hiking. Lightload towels are not only light they’re also compact so they will fit in the smallest of places.

Lightload towels come in two different sizes. You can either get full size beach towels or smaller hand towel. Both are perfect for the outdoors lover.  These towels were made to not only absorb more and dry faster than cotton and microfiber, but also to weigh less when wet, be soft against the skin, handle easier when wet, and to act as a great survival tool.

When getting the products I had to try them out for myself.

lightest towel

Lightload towels

survival towel unfolding lightload towel lightload towel

Steps opening the lightload towel with water


Full size beach towel when complete.

I found these towels to be perfect for taking camping/hiking. They were easy to back and they did the job a normal towel would do. Loved having the hand towel when we were in the woods. We like to explore and this means we tend to get our hands dirty. Having a light weight towel on hand is perfect. No more having to carry hand wipes that tend to take up more space.

If you are a hiker you know you don’t want to be weighed down by a bunch of items in your backpack. While it makes for more calories burned it doesn’t make for a very fun hike! Trust me I know!!!

Lightload towels are not only great for those who love the outdoors, but also for busy moms on the go. Throw a few in the diaper bag for those spills while out an about.

With my family being big on hiking and geocaching, we decided to drop one of the lightload hand towels in a geocache. The cache we left it in was under a muddy bridge we thought it was the most perfect place for it!
lightload towel

Lightload hand towel in this geocache!

So whether you are a busy mom or you love being outdoors these lightload towels are a must have! They’re also reusable, simply place in a pocket or a mesh bag before washing.

Lightload towels can be purchased on the Lightload towel website and come in a range of sizes and prices.

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