Pit Bulls: Deadly or Sweet

Pitbull German Shepherd MixAfter coming back to Tennessee in April we set out to find our family the perfect pet. Our daughter who was 10 at the time wanted a pit bull. I was scared to get a pitty, I was under the impression they were deadly dogs. I was sold by the news outlets that Pit bulls were DEADLY. When my daughter started she wanted this breed, I tried to talk her out of it. However, I had no luck, she wanted a pit bull puppy.

I took too Google and started reading I discovered so much about dog breeds over all. Did you know Knowledge is power, and if you educate yourself you will have a better understanding of everything.

We got Bones in May of 2012. He is SPOILED! Bones wants to show you how deadly he is NOT…

pitbull mix

I like sleeping next to my dad. pitbull mix

Bones loves his sister!

pitbull spoiled rotten

This is the BEST Christmas present ever! Thanks mom, dad and sissy.

pitbull mix

Do I look deadly to you?

mixed pitbull

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Pit bulls in general are not deadly, pit bulls are very loyal dogs, and they’re very loving and sweet. Pit bulls are no different than any other dog. All animals not just dogs have a slight chance to snap, just like humans. Just because you don’t hear about other dogs attacking doesn’t mean it’s not happening, it just means the media wants to point fingers and blame the pit bull breed.

If you feel Pit Bulls are deadly dogs please take the time to watch Beyond the Myth and educate yourself a bit more before you judge the breed.

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  1. The misunderstanding surrounding these wonderful animals is truly a shame! There has been so much media attention placed on the “viciousness” of pit bulls. However, it is rarely explained how affectionate and loving these animals can be. Pit bulls, like any animal, will grow up to behave according to how it is treated. If an animal is raised to be a fighter, to be a protector, to be ANGRY, then of course it will be vicious. But if you raise your pit bull with love and to be a part of your family, you will never have a bad experience. Put love in and you will get love in return!

  2. Agreed! I have an American Pit Bull Terrier named Luna. She’s sparkling white with hazel green eyes. She is the most loyal, energetic, fun, demure dog I have ever had. At the same time, she is very muscular, naturally outgoing, and immensely powerful. I’m an amateur natural bodybuilder, and Luna is more than capable of knocking me over. I think the appearance of her muscularity and her outgoing temperament end up registering in other people’s warped minds as aggression. It is not. Luna is very protective of babies and smaller dogs, and I when I’m down she instinctively comforts me. Naturally I lavish the best care I can afford upon her, which includes routine vet visits, vitamins, a mixture of homemade and store bought food, and pet insurance. I highly recommend pit bulls. They’re amazing!

    • I agree, people stereotype pit bulls. I think they need to start better educating themselves on all breeds. Because dogs are dogs and they all just like humans have the a chance of lashing out. I know when Bones plays a bit to rough and we tell him he is bad and it hurt, he gets so upset.

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