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I have been driving for the past 18 years and in those 18 years I have only had 2 tickets. One a seat belt ticket on my 22nd birthday and the other a speeding ticket. The speeding ticket was not long ago, and I swear the officer was telling some fibs! Let me explain the situation.

My husband and I had just came back from Memphis. There happens to be a speed trap and I am aware of this trap. When I drive I usually go about 5 over. I was going about 50 in a 45, I was about 1/4 of a mile from the 55mph mark. When all of a sudden out of no where lights start going. Mind you a truck JUST passed me in the same section, going faster than I was, but I was the one being pulled over.

I pull off to the side of the road when the officer comes up. He says “ma’am do you know you were going 52 in a 45”? I simply stated “No, I thought I was going 50 in a 45.”

He asks for all my legal paper work, registration, proof of insurance and drivers license. I gave him all the information he needed and he goes to his car comes back hands me this…

speeding ticket

He then states”I gave you a little break I put 55 in 45 instead of 57, which would have been classified differently”. I am beyond mad at this point, never got a speeding ticket now, I am going to have to pay a ton…

As my husband and I go to drive away, my husband was like… “Didn’t he say 52 in a 45 when he came to the car”? He sure did… and I know I wasn’t going 57 in a 45, because I know the police are watching.

After a few days passed, I called the courthouse to find out what I had to pay… $85!!! So I ask what happens if I fight it, at this time I was told if I fight it, it will go on my record, if I pay it and not fight it, it will be cleared as if it never happened. I have anxiety I didn’t want to deal with it, so I went and paid even though, I know I wasn’t going the 55 in a 45.

If I would have known there are companies out there that will help you fight speeding tickets, I would have contacted them. TicketKick is a company that will help you save money on those speeding tickets.

I will never get a speeding ticket again. I did scan my first and last speeding ticket, because of the Officers name and to make the hurt a bit better about getting the ticket, his name has been used in many jokes.

I go understand police officers are just doing their job; however, I am sure the guy that passed me in the same spot and at the same time I was speeding, was going a lot faster than I was.

Have you ever got a speeding ticket? If so did you pay it or fight it.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own. This is really my speeding ticket, information has been blocked out to protect those involved. However, that really is the officers name.

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