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Many of you know I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador, with this comes great devices that I get the pleasure of reviewing. I get to attend webinars hosted by Verizon and the device experts, which helps me better understand the device, and all that it’s capable of doing. I also get to share with all of you what I have been learning.


Yesterday we had our Webinar for the HTC Droid DNA’s and it was extremely informational, and a lot of great questions were asked. When I first got the hint of the device I was to be expecting, I hit up Verizon and drooled over it. Everything built into this phone was amazing, quad core processor for fast gaming, beats audio with a 2.55 volt amplifier, which will allow you to listen to and enjoy your music the way the artist intended you to listen to it.

During the webinar we learned that the HTC Droid DNA is often mistaken as a phablet, if you’re not sure what a phablet is, it’s a phone and tablet all in one. This is not the case with the DNA, while it’s an amazing device, it’s just a phone… Did I just say it’s just a phone??? I TAKE THAT BACK, yes it’s a phone not a two in one, but it’s more than just a phone.

This stunning device has a 5in screen with 1080p display, during the webinar we learned this is the ONLY phone at Verizon that has the 1080p display, we also learned that the camera on the HTC Droid DNA has the biggest lens than any other device currently sold by Verizon. What does this mean? It means that you can capture more in your pictures. It also has a 4 shot per second and by holding down the shutter button you can capture up to 99 photos.

This will allow you to get a bunch of photos and then you can pick which ones to keep and which ones to delete. This is very helpful at those sports events with your kiddos.

The HTC Droid DNA is everything I would want in a device. The screen is big enough for my poor eyes when they’re super tired, the audio is amazing, and the camera and picture quality is over the top!

Stay tune while I bring you more great information about what I have been learning a long the way.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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