Why Getting A Degree is Important

Last year I looked into going back to school. I went and took the tests, signed up for the classes and had everything in order to begin. However, at the end I ended up backing out… Why because I suffer from social phobia as well as PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), and the school was pressuring me to attend class at the campus.

Having these conditions limit what I can and cannot do. With the conditions I have, I find it easier to interact with others online, rather than in person.

Colby Community College has a giveaway going on right now, for two moms to get an online Virtual Assistance Scholarship.

I feel this is the perfect opportunity for me to obtain a degree in something I love doing and that is helping others. It will allow me to show my daughter anything is possible no matter what conditions you may have, and it will allow me to show myself I can do it. I have a habit of talking down upon myself, even though I know deep down I can do anything I set my mind too… I often view the things I do as not good enough.

I often state I have no regrets in life, however, I have one regret and that is not getting a better education. I am hoping this regret can be no more, and I can get a better education, and I can provide better for my family in a virtual setting which I can handle better than in the “outside” world.

Being able to attend Colby Community College would be a blessing.

Do you also have the same regret about not pursuing your education? Well it’s not to late, if you would like a shot at earning a VA degree make sure to enter the giveaway. Just go HERE for more details.


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