Barefoot Bubbly & ChocolatRouge Review

If you’re looking for a new and interesting approach to holiday beverages or any occasion for that matter, Barefoot Bubbly and ChocolatRouge are some very delicious wines and champagnes great for anytime of the year.

I had the recent opportunity to sample both Barefoot Bubbly and ChocolatRouge. I do not normally enjoy champagne, but Barefoot Bubble is one that I found to be flavorful without being too robust.

barefoot bubbly

After sending the cork flying into the air, there was surprisingly no huge foamy mess to deal with out of the bottle. The Barefoot Bubble is very crisp, fruity and as the name says, bubbly. The carbonation level is perfect. Barefoot Bubbly will tickle your taste buds without leaving you feeling full from over carbonation. In my honest opinion, this is a great champagne like beverage for those who usually drink champagne or those who don’t normally enjoy champagne at all.


The second selection I reviewed was one that falls into my favorite alcoholic beverage category. This of course being, dark red wines. Because red wines are my favorite, I decided the award winning ChocolatRouge was the one for me. This dark, rich red wine packs signature red wine flavor with dark chocolate undertones. The chocolate flavor is only subtly present, making it perfect for traditional red wine lovers and chocaholics alike. At $11 per bottle, this sophisticated tasting wine has a surprising price as well.

If you’re looking for drink ideas during holiday occasions or parties throughout the entire year, ChocolatRouge wines and Barefoot Bubbly champagnes blend traditional tastes and modern ideas to produce some of the most interesting and delicious wines I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. While both beverages were excellent, ChocolatRouge was my clear favorite. I was expecting that the chocolate would be a strange combination, but nothing could have been further from the truth. ChocolatRouge has came up with a flavor combination that will be remembered forever. I highly recommend everyone try ChocolatRouge and Barefoot Bubbly.

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