Bicycles: Childhood Transportation of The Past Was Good Exercise

Bike rack in Opole

When I was a kid, the bicycle was the only transportation you had until you were old enough to drive. Before people equipped their cars with thule bike racks, you pretty much had to ride your bike everywhere you went.

People Left Their Bicycles Without Locking Them Up

As populations increased in size and become more concentrated, the potential for bike theft is also increased. In the 90s, I remember leaving our bikes out in the open without worrying if anyone would steal them. Nowadays, you need your bike to be secure during transport and quick stops during long rides.

Your Bicycle Got You To The Store

Whether the store was a block away or a 6 mile cycling run, if you wanted to go to the store, your bike got you there. In my opinion, it seems like less young people ride bikes today for transportation, but they are still ever popular among active adults.

The Bicycle Provides Cardiovascular Exercise

While bikes aren’t used by as many kids today for long distance travel, they remain important for amateur and professional cyclists alike. Adults of all ages ride bikes for recreational sport and a fun way to exercise. Whether you are a triathlon competitor or just enjoy riding through the countryside, a bicycle provides healthy activity that supports overall fitness.

How long has it been since you road a bike? I haven’t road a bike in many years, I often wonder if I still know how.

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