Screws, Washers, Bolts Oh My

We have been doing some repairs around here to help better winterize our home. The problem with doing repairs, is I end up being the runner. By this I mean after going to the store to get all the items we need my husband will often realize he has forgot some things. So lucky me I get to head to the local hardware store and HOPE I get him the right items.

The other day was no different when it comes to the repairs. We went and got the parts come home and my husband starts to replace the trim on the front door, while sealing it up so we don’t have the heat escaping. He later realizes the screws he has are not long enough. He hands me the screw and when I ask what size I get “no more than double this size”.

Do you know how many different sizes of screws there are?

Yea, me either until I walk in and find myself staring at all sorts of different screws, washers and bolts.

After standing there for about 5 minutes just trying to figure out which screw to get, I decided to text my husband and with this being the only hardware store in town the items are pretty pricey, we are talking some of these screws are like 0.45 cents a PIECE.

So after discovering my husband was only going to need about 10 of these screws, I went with two different lengths. I got him 10 in the 2 inch and 10 in the 1 1/2. I was not going back! If I would have only went with the 2 in which was about double the size as the screw I started with, I would have been going back, because it turns out my wonderful husband wasn’t wanting the double the size after all.

When doing home repairs are you always the runner for your husband?

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