Day 3 of The Journey Gym

You will be hearing an awful lot from me, about the Journey Gym over the next 70 days. My upper legs are killing me! I can only handle about 10 minutes at a time, I have done two ten minutes today. When I go in to pee just sitting kills me. This is going to be a long 70 days, but I am up for the challenge! I will be staying off the scales, I have decided I will do a weigh in once a week. So next weigh in is Monday.

Will I reveal my weight at that time? Probably not, will I reveal my weight during the challenge at sometime? Yes, I will! I am hoping in time, I will be able to do the full 22 minute workouts, there are a few different things that I cannot do. I have faith though, that by the end of the challenge I will be able to do these activities without breaking that sweat!!!

I have been logging everything I eat. This has helped me from over eating, and eating things I shouldn’t. I try to eat something small every few hours. Our eating in the house has changed a lot. We do a lot of beans!

My goal weight loss for the 70 day challenge is to lose 20 pounds. While this 20 pounds will not even come close to the amount I want to lose, it’s a starting point.

My husband has also decided to do this with me! He hasn’t took his measurements, but he knows his weight. At the end of the challenge I will announce how much he lost, which I know will be more than me because he pushes his self harder.

Update: I said I wasn’t going to weight myself, but I take that back after three days… I have lost .6 pounds, gain 1.5% muscle, and lost 1.8% body fat!



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