Dogs Who Are Loved Sport Collars Are Leashes

Every year, far too many dogs are separated from their owner because they were not wearing a collar with a dog license. While dog licensing does provide needed funding to each state’s animal control departments, the most essential reason to license your dog is in case he or she becomes lost. By referencing the license number on the dog tag, animal control can locate the name and phone number of a lost dog’s owner.

Many things can frighten a pet dog, even one who is trained to stay at your side. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA,) dogs may lunge, bite or run when hearing a sudden loud noise, such as fire truck sirens, motorcycles, construction work, skateboarders and many other everyday noises. Dogs that are abruptly startled can start running and not halt until they exhaust themselves.

Leash Laws In Each State

No matter how well a dog owner believes they know their pet, any dog is capable of reacting differently than expected to stimulus such as a female dog in heat or to a perceived antagonist. This is why most states have set up dog control leash laws. However, some states have elected to forgo state coverage, instead letting their separate jurisdictions set their own leash laws.

According to the law firm of Edgar Snyder & Associates, a dog at large is any canine that is off or outside of the property of its owner. However, even if the animal is on the owner’s property it must still be tied up somehow, to make sure that it cannot suddenly escape the owner’s control. Off-leash dog parks are the exception, of course, but the animal must be trained to respond to basic commands and be non-aggressive.

Best Types Of Dog Collars And Leashes

Some pup owners prefer the appearance of chain collars and leads for their pets, but these chains are heavy and can pinch skin if you are not watchful. Therefore, the most popular material for collars and leads is leather. High quality leather that is well taken care of can last a lifetime.

Handcrafted leather, such as a Hamilton leather dog collar, is usually box stitched and may be either single or double thickness, which both provide long-lasting wear. Additionally, leather dog collars come in an assortment of sizes and colors. In conclusion, dogs do not ask for much; providing your best four-legged friend with a simple leather collar should be a priority for all dog parents.

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