How Technology is Helping Physical Therapy Patients

Undergoing physical rehabilitation is part of the recovery process for accidental injury patients as well as those in need of professional pain management. If the patient’s condition is severe, then he or she will likely require a substantial number of therapy sessions for full recovery. Currently available medical technology allows the patient to eliminate the need for costly rehabilitation sessions by providing equipment that he or she can use to perform self-therapy at home.

Powerful Equipment For Home Rehabilitation

There are a variety of devices available to alleviate pain and provide therapeutic exercise for injury rehabilitation. TENS Units are used to stimulate nerves in order to provide pain relief in one particular area. These devices have been highly successful in the treatment of mild to moderate pain, but they have also proven useful in the rehabilitation of patients without mobility. due to chronic pain or injury.

If patients have experienced muscle loss due to lack of mobility or injuries requiring long periods of bed rest, Muscle Stimulators can also be used to help rebuild targeted areas and regain the muscle mass needed to resume normal activity. A TENS device and a muscle stimulator are essentially the same in concept, but each of these devices target different kinds of nerves to aid in rehabilitation.

The TENS targets peripheral nerves responsible for sensory responses, and its primary function is to relieve pain. In contrast, a muscle stimulator sends electric impulses to nerves within muscles to stimulate, tone and strengthen the body of the patient.

The Best of Both Worlds For Reduced Recovery Time

The process of physical rehabilitation can be a daunting task. Those with sever pain combined with muscular atrophy can benefit from the use of a two-in-one unit that performs the functions of both devices. The LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator is a shining example of the devices commonly used to rehabilitate patients of this kind.

By targeting sensory nerves responsible for pain and muscle nerves simultaneously, rehabilitation times can be greatly reduced for injured individuals that have had to remain sedentary for an extended period.

More Information About Electro-Stimulation Therapy

If you would like to learn more about the use of TENS devices, muscle stimulators or ultrasound equipment for pain relief, Visit LGMedSupply Online for product information. If you’d like to learn how these devices are used to better plan your very own recovery, take a look at their online customer blog to see what others have to say about using this technology for physical rehabilitation.

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