HP Envy 120 Home Schooling Friendly

Update: While this printer is a nice printer, after two weeks the scanner/copier light will not come on. You can read the update here. HP as of right now is refusing to offer any solution to the problem.

I have always been a fan of HP products, I also had a love for Kodak. So when it came time to getting a new printer, I went with the Kodak ESP 5200. The main reason I chose this printer was because it was wireless, the ink was cheaper, and the ink was supposed to last awhile. With being homeschoolers we print a good bit monthly. So having a good printer is a must. At first I was very pleased with this printer, then I noticed the print quality was junk, and the ink ran out way to fast.

I even tried to set the printer where it only printed black, that didn’t work to well. I was going through ink like crazy, and I decided I wanted to ditch Kodak and go back to my trusted HP printer. Problem is the printer is about 6 years old, and I haven’t used it in forever, I am not even sure it works still. So that was out of the question.

I noticed a bunch of HP giveaways, so I set them all up in a folder and I entered them all daily. My hard work paid off because I ended up winning the HP Envy 120 from Our Ordinary Life.


The HP Envy 120 arrived via Fedex today. I quickly unhooked the old one and got the new one all set up. I couldn’t wait I heard a lot of good things about this printer.

kodak esp 5200


After plugging it all up, I turned it on and followed the on screen setup. I loved that it’s touchscreen. Makes setting it up simple! After setting it up and getting it all hooked up to the wifi, I went and set up the eprinting. Let me tell you, I am going to LOVE this feature. Why? Because I can print from ANYWHERE via my smartphone! This is a blessing, if I am every out and about and need to print something I can.

After I had the printer all set up, I took to checking out the apps! Yes, this printer has apps! This printer is going to become my best friend quickly.


I love the fact I can push a button on the printer and print graph paper! I am loving all the apps!!!

If you are a home schooling family and looking for a great printer, I would highly recommend the HP Envy 120. I plan on using the printer to make weekly meal planning menus, math print outs, and I will also be using the Disney app to print out fun worksheets for my daughter.


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