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How many of you are in need of some new furniture? Going furniture shopping can be a hassle, either the company doesn’t have what you want, or it will need to be specially ordered. This process usually includes your new furniture coming to you in a big box. I am not much of a handyman, so this can be a big headache for me. I have attempted to put items together and this process has taken me hours, we are talking simple tasks. With Handybook Ikea Furniture Assembly, you can go online and schedule when you want your furniture to be assembled.

This feature is currently only available in the Boston and New York area, however, they will be expanding to more cities soon. No more having to stress when your bedroom set comes in a box, no more having to worry when you go to purchase that table and chair set when they come out with a box full of parts. Simply head on over to the Handybook website, put in your zip code, choose a date and time, select what furniture you would like to have built. As soon as you have everything you would like built it will tell you the time it will take, and what your price will be for the assembly.

Then you simply put in your email and click next. The system will now find someone in your area that is best suited for the task. Once they have found someone in your area, you simply put in your information pay, and the handyman professional will come out on the time and place to get your furniture put together for you.

The process is not only simply and easy, but it also takes the stress off you.



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