Keeping Your Bed Cleaned

Often times having a sheet alone on your bed is not going to help with keeping the mattress itself clean. If you have pets and kids you have probably had many messes on your bed. Thus, leaving a nasty mattress under the sheets. Have you have wondered how to clean a mattress?

I try to clean our mattress every other month. While vacuuming will get up the hair and other particles that have found their way to your comfortable bed, it won’t clean it from all the nasty germs that are collecting. For this I use a good mattress cleaner.  I have found by getting out my handy carpet cleaner, and putting in an all purpose cleaning solution I can get my bed not only clean but smelling fresh.

No more laying on sweat! In the summer months, I have to clean the mattress monthly. Between a sweating dog, a sweating husband and myself it can become pretty nasty!

How often do you clean your mattress? If never it might be a good idea to start, just because you do put a sheet over the mattress doesn’t mean it isn’t getting dirty. Think about it you wear clothes but still shower, right?

If you don’t have a shampooer there are other ways to clean the mattress, get a sponge and water bottle with mattress cleaner in it and do it by hand. Not only will you get a cleaner mattress you will also get a fresher mattress. After I clean the mattress I always spray my fabric softener mix (3/4 fabric softener to 1/4 water) to keep is fresh longer.

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