Plumbing Issues Giving You A Headache?

Plumbing issues have always given me a headache. The first time I ran into plumbing problems when being out on my own, I was about 18. I was staying with my parents during the winter months because it was closer to work, and Michigan winters can get bad. When I went home I noticed my kitchen was flooded! The neighbor kids thought it would be funny to cut the gas off, thus causing the heater not to come one, which then lead to my pipes freezing then busting.  With being so young the first person I called was my uncle when it should have been the Roto-Rooter Plumbing guys!.

By calling my Uncle to come help me with figuring the mess out, I thought I was going to save myself some money. It turns out I was completely wrong, I ended up costing myself more money. While my uncle fixed the issue at hand, the problem really wasn’t fixed. Within a few months after I thought my headache had gone away, the pipe my uncle had fixed sprung a leak. This was more than just a tiny pinhole leak, this was a pretty good leak, and since we didn’t catch the leak when it happened we had other issues to deal with this time.

Again, I called my uncle to come help me fix the issue, I should have called the professionals but at this time, my wonderful uncle also had some floors he needed to fix! He didn’t fix the pipes properly, he was going to get stuck fixing the kitchen floor. After all he was the reason the pipe broke the second time.

Since that mess all those years ago, I have learned many lessons. The first being my uncle is not a mister fix-it-all, and I should leave certain things to the professionals. I also learned trying to take short cuts to save some money, will usually always end up costing me more, when everything is all said and done.

Now that I am older I know a few things to help with quick fixes until I can get the professionals out here. However, these are just that quick fixes to get the professionals out here, so they can properly repair anything that is broke. I don’t want another nightmare like the one I had all those years ago.

When things break around your home, do you try to take short cuts to save money, or do you call the professionals and save yourself the headache?

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