Protecting Yourself On The Go With A Personal Virtual Private Network

Anytime you connect to a wireless network provided by local retailers, area hotels or cellular providers, your risk for data theft is increased tremendously. One of the best ways to prevent sensitive data such as credit card transactions and passwords from being stolen, is by using a personal VPN to relay this information securely.

Shared Networks Are A Prime Target For Hackers

When you’re at home on your own network, monitoring data transmissions between local systems can be done by any user with the correct type of software This same rule applies when you are accessing public and private wireless networks on the go.

Hackers connected to shared public networks use a procedure known as “sniffing” to intercept data being sent over the local network. Just as members of your family are locally connected to your private network, hackers and cyber-criminals are local users when sharing the same public network as other law abiding citizens.

Through the use of specially designed network monitoring software, hackers can sniff credit card numbers, website account information and even personal data like images and videos.

Mobile Protection Against Hackers

In order to maintain the highest level of mobile data security, the use of a virtual private network is often used to prevent the sniffing of sensitive data from would-be hackers and Internet criminals.

The use of a personal VPN places you within the confines of a private network reaching outside to access the Internet just like your network at home. This ensures private data is kept outside the reach of those who would attempt to illegally access it.

Virtual private networks for personal use are readily available to provide convenient security for today’s mobile Internet users. If you
would like more information regarding mobile data security and virtual private networks, check out this informative security video below regarding the subject.

If you want to maintain the highest level of security possible while you’re on the go, using a personal virtual network will help you avoid falling victim to the many threats faced when you’re connected to a public wireless access point.

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