Bones Needs His Own Bed!

My husband and I started out with a queen sized bed. Then along came our daughter, and stuffing to bigger people and a kid in a queen sleeping is so tight, so we went a head and got us a king size bed. After all sleep is important and well I like sleep, I don’t like waking up being almost pushed from the bed.

Now that our daughter is in her own bed my husband and I started to actually have room! However, then we got a puppy, which grew to a bigger puppy, and soon he will be a year old puppy. While he is still a puppy and he is only about 60 pounds he is a bigger bed hog than our daughter!

bed hog pit bull

Yes, he is sleeping on my legs! I often wake up with him in between my husband and I.

I think it is time he get his own bed, so we can have our bed back, and we can actually stretch out and sleep through-out the night. However, with Bones being such a bed hog I need to look for large dog beds, so he would rather sleep in his bed verse mine.

Do you have a dog that likes to hog the bed? Have you thought about getting them their own bed to sleep in?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. We have a king and three dogs, and it’s really tight. Two of our dogs, a medium mutt and a dachshund, fit snugly into our armpits, or between legs, or against our bellies, etc. We have a large pit bull terrier who is not only on the large side and extremely naturally muscular, but she insists on sleeping perpendicular to whomever she’s sleeping with. It must be a mental thing. Because even if I grab a quick nap during housework and lay sideways across my bed, she’ll jump up and lie perpendicular to me no matter what direction I’m in. Cute, but sardine can like at times.

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