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Have you ever been in a spot where you needed to contact a lawyer to see where you stood when it came to a certain situation? When I was 18 years old, I went to pick up some Chinese food, I was in Michigan at the time, and it was in the middle of winter. If you are a business owner in the snowy states you know it is your job to keep the sidewalks safe for your customers.

Well, I went in to get our food, when I came out it was so icy I fell off the curb, the guys in side were LAUGHING, not one came to see if I was fine. I left and got home, it was hard to drive my ankle hurt so bad, I ended up in the ER and my ankle was the size of a softball, I was out of work for almost a week.

I was young and stupid and left it at that, when in all reality I should have contacted a lawyer, I mean I was out of work for a week, I am sure my insurance company got a big bill for my ER visit, and to this day I still have issues with that ankle. I don’t know how many times that ankle has given out on me, and I come straight to my knees, thus causing me issues with my knees now. I will never make that mistake again.

If a situation like that arises again, I will contact a lawyer to do a consult, even if I don’t go through with a lawsuit I can at least know where I stand and what options I have.

If you are in a situation and need legal advice a quick search will help you find a lawyer in your area that can better assist you. For instance if you are in the San Diego area doing a search for San Diego Class Action Lawyer, will give you the contact information for lawyers in your area that can better help you, and answer the questions you may have.

Don’t make the mistake I did, find out what rights you have!

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