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Spring is already here, and summer is soon approaching. With warmer weather it means more family time. One thing I dislike about the winter months, is we all get stuck inside. Being stuck inside can make one become extremely depressed! What better way to make those frowns turn upside down then some family fun in the sun!

Have you ever sat there after winter and thought of all the fun exotic places you would like to go with your family? If not think right now, if money was no issue what three places would you like to take your family on vacation.

My top three family destinations would be…


Hawaii is known for its beautiful islands, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to take my family to the beautiful lands. After watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, it made me want to visit Hawaii even more! I think this would be a perfect place to sit along side the ocean and not only watch the waves come in, but also watch the sunset with my family. While I know this will not be the year we visit Hawaii, I do hope in the future we are able to make the trip.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Yes, I am a sucker for those Islands! Looking at pictures on the Internet have me wanting to visit these exotic lands even more. Within the next five years, I would love to take my family on vacation to one of the turks and caicos luxury resorts. I can only imagine the view we would have waking up every morning and looking out our room window onto the ocean, or even sitting out by the pool as the sunsets. These are memories I would love to be able to build with my family. Memories that no matter how hard one tries will never be able to erase from my mind.


Every since the Steve Irwin days, I have wanted to go watch the kangaroos play in their natural habitats. Now I can do without seeing the crocodiles, but to take my family to the Australia Zoo would be a dream come true. When my daughter was about two we would watch The Crocodile Hunter all the time, seeing the Zoo on the TV is far from seeing the Zoo in person. Being able to go and see what Steve and his family has built up, would be amazing. I know my daughter would love every minute of it as well.

While these are only a few of the places I would love to one day take my family. Now that I have shared with you my family vacation wish list, what is your family vacation wish list? What are some places you would like to take your family and why?

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Jammie is of Native American descent, she has family from the Ojibway/Chippewa tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She was born and raised in Michigan, where she later moved to Tennessee with her husband and daughter. Jammie and her husband home school their daughter, and enjoy doing many things together as a family. Some of those activities include geocaching, hiking, fishing, playing games together as a family, and just being silly with their daughter. Jammie is Owner of The Neat Things in Life. For more information visit on Google+.

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