When to Call a Plumbing Company

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How many of you have husband’s that are STUBBORN! Plumbing is my husband’s least favorite thing, and when something along the lines of a water pipe springs a leak, I want to run and hide. My husband can be so stubborn though, and instead of calling a plumbing company he will find the leak and fix it himself.

With this it means I better come out of hiding. I usually end up having to make several trips to the hardware store to get the right parts. This is the not so fun job of the wife. Often times we don’t even know there is a leak until the water bill has sky rocketed!

One thing we have learned the hard way it to always have an updated phone number with the water company. A few years ago we sprung a water leak underground. Since this was on the other side of the water pump it was our responsibility. With the new smart meters being in place the water company noticed we were using a large amount of water. They tried to reach us by phone with no luck, instead of shutting off the water, and waiting for me to call and fuss, they let the leak stay going through-out the weekend.

Once the new week began they waited another three days before making their way out to our home to let us know we had a leak. We were then informed we were going through hundreds of gallons of water in a short amount of time. We quickly shut the water off, and my husband located the water leak rather fast. It ended up being a 45 cent part.

At that time my anxiety kicked in and we waited for the dreaded water bill. I was thinking we were going to be looking at about 80 to 100 dollars. When the bill came and it was almost $250 dollars, I wanted to scream!

When you don’t really have much money to work with, and you get a bill that is $235 dollars MORE than it usually runs, you get a bit depressed and moody. I got on the phone with the water company and I was not so happy, while I know it wasn’t their fault, it also wasn’t my fault and I felt as though they didn’t do their best to stop the problem. I made arrangements to pay the bill.

It took me about 2 months, because the water company did drop the bill in half so instead of the 245 we paid a little over 100. Not that bad, but I wasn’t at all happy.

When it comes to plumbing does your husband try to fix it himself, or do you always call in the plumbers?

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