Do You Have an Addiction to Nose Sprays


How many of you have a nose spray addiction? I have always had bad sinus problems, and I have found only a few medications that work. Both medications are over the counter, however, when one goes to purchase said medication, they are left feeling as though they’re doing something wrong. They’re given the third degree and asked several questions on WHY, they feel the product is needed.

So, with it being more and more difficult to purchase sinus medication, people are turning to nose sprays to help clear up their sinuses. I don’t know to many people that like to walk around with a stuffy nose, so to solve that problem they’re turning to nose sprays.

However, the problem doesn’t lie within in the nose spray directly, but with consumers using the nasal spray for longer than recommended. While on the back of nose spray containers, it does state you shouldn’t use the product for an extended amount of time, oftentimes people don’t listen to those warnings. They want relief now, so they keep on using the spray against the warning labels on the product.

This is leading to a nose spray addiction.

You may think there is no such thing as an addiction to nose spray, but you would be in corrected. You may think as soon as your sinuses clear up, you can put the spray down. While I am sure you can put it down, your nose will be feeling unloved. Especially, if you are using the product for longer than recommended.

So how do you break this addiction?

Just like any other addiction, you slowly wean yourself from the product.

Have you ever had an addiction to nose spray? How did you wean yourself off the product?


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